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Our cross stitch designs just might keep  you up, stitching far past your bedtime.

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Whether you are just learning about cross stitch or have been stitching for decades, we have the cross stitch designs to whet your appetite for more.   We carry beginner level designs as well as advanced, more challenging patterns. Don't see what you're looking for?  Just ask! We may have designs not yet listed here.

Quakers in France, cross stitch along.   Quaker Medallions tell a story of France in iconic colors.

Tempting Tangles - More than Just a Store

Tempting Tangles is our life, not just a livelihood.  

We know this: as you stitch our cross stitch designs, they will become part of your life as well.

A snip of Quakers in England SAL cross stitch along (SAL). Visit Big Ben in England,Stonehenge, sip some tea, see London

Our Creative Team

We are makers and artists, just like you! Deborah is designer, husband Stephen is multi-support.  Our wonderful Model-Stitchers proof stitch our cross stitch designs into the beautifully finished models you see on each listing. Let us know which  Tempting Tangles cross stitch designs you are working on.  Please do send us jpg pix of your finished Tempting Tangles projects. Your work could appear in our gallery page!

Try A Bite Sized Taste - Mystery Stitch Along

Stitch Alongs: God in My Garden, Quakers in Japan

How Do Our Mystery SALs Work? What Is A SAL?

 SALs are a taste of Tempting Tangles quality at a very nice price.  

So what is it?  A SAL is an acronym for a 'Stitch A-long'.  

We all love a mystery!  In a Mystery SAL, we don't reveal the entire design until we release that final part.  That is the fun of it - a surprise!

Our cross stitch SALs are design of about 170 to 200 stitches.  

* The difference is this:  we divide it into little parts, post each to a special group or email to you, one at a time.  We post a Release Schedule on a special Facebook group just for that Mystery SAL. 

* Only those who purchase the SAL can join the group.  

* On the start date,  we post the first little part to the "Files Folder" biweekly.  These little bites are usually 16 at about 35 by 55 stitches square).  We continue every 2 weeks until we have released all 16  parts.  Many members will stitch each new part right away, some will save the parts and stitch later.  

Gloria - Stitch Along (SAL)

Take A Little Bite Every 2 Weeks

 *There is no pressure, no timeline, just easy stitching fun as  your "Bite Size" pieces are stitched into a full design.  Best of all, if you wish, you can show us all your pretty work as we stitch along toward the end. You can join our dedicated group on Facebook, or you ask us to email the parts (on our posted schedule) and stitch on your own timeline.  You will never miss part.  Please ask if you have questions.

All about Tempting Tangles Cross Stitch Alongs (SAL)

Let Us Tell You More

  We tried to cover all the details, but we are always happy to answer your questions.

Freedom cross stitch chart, Long Way Home cross stitch chart, Welcome Blooming Borders cross stitch chart

We have been having SAL fun since 2015

Come rain or shine, our Tempting Tangles team  is always on time to post them in the dedicated SAL group, if you requested, or email them to you.  You can count on that.  If you requested them to be emailed, the SAL parts will come from my Admin, Ina.  All you need to do is save them in a very safe place so they don't get lost.  And then, stitch them whenever you are in a stitching mood.  And most of all, enjoy stitching our designs!    

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We do not offer refunds on electronic chart  files (pdf)   However, if you accidentally purchased the same design twice, there is always the option of a substitution, such as another of our SALs or charts of the same price. If you request a refund, we will we happy to discuss with you on how best to proceed, be it a different SAL membership of your choice OR a manual refund minus the costs Square/PayPal will charge us.  - Deborah -Tempting Tangles Designs

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